A Letter From Our CEO

When REED’s founding families envisioned a program for their children, they focused on an outstanding elementary education experience. One that was innovative and forward thinking, that opened new possibilities for their children with autism and re-imagined a future that may have previously seemed uncertain. That same passion, commitment and creativity have shaped the past two decades for REED and led to explosive growth – all while remaining singularly focused on the very best in education and services for individuals with autism.

Supported by the generosity of our community, REED has expanded beyond the school setting to now serve adults with autism. I am thrilled to work with a team that continues to push beyond what must be done to explore what we believe can be done. We launched an indoor, hydroponic farm providing vital employment opportunities, an adult day program incorporating continued skill development and vocational training, and opened the doors to provide supported residential housing.

REED’s programs have been borne out of creative thinking, a refusal to accept the status quo, a desire to build critical, unique, and successful opportunities for people with autism, and to engage our communities in meaningful and inclusive partnerships.  We are grateful for the tremendous trust and belief you, our generous donors, have placed in our mission to provide individuals with autism the opportunity to learn, live, work and thrive at every stage of their lives.

With profound gratitude,

Chantelle Walker
CEO, REED Autism Services